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The Calendar Exercise
Bring your best self to work, starting with your calendar organization.

The saying is true; Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  How many items do you have on your every growing to-do list?  Do you have time blocked for "the un-expected"? How many tasks are you trying to fit into your calendar from a personal and professional perspective? There is probably a big meeting, a deadline, a kid's soccer game, and maybe even a workout that you're trying to fit into the same 1-hour time block. Although we wish we could, we can't be in all places at once.


Time management is crucial to your overall production and success (and happiness). Optimizing your calendar is the first step to bringing your best self both personally and professionally. It starts with taking care of Y.O.U. first! Clear the noise, plan your course, be more productive, and reduce your stress. Complete this calendar exercise to get started.


Other ways to organize your calendar is by: 


What's included:

  • Calendar Exercise Template
  • 4 Steps to completing the exercise
  • Helpful Hints to planning and organizing your calendar 
  • Completed Calendar Exercise example 



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